Our Clients and Training Reviews

Our Clients are a proven record of why they’re driven to choose UHI as their training provider. We’re passionate about inspiring and developing people, thus we’re focusing to deliver training courses of excellence, always fulfilling our client’s needs and expectations.

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Thank you! Even though I already shared my opinion with Trainers in Constanta regarding training, I would like you to know that I’m very impressed with concept of training, good balance between theory and practice, as well as the effort of Trainers to keep everyone’s focus in very relaxed, funny and friendly way. I have really enjoyed it and I’m happy that I have had the opportunity to listen and learn from professionals like your Trainers.

Lara Pantelic

UHI experience has been a great footstep towards my goal. We wouldn’t make it without UHI family. Thank You so much UHI Manila Family for giving us the opportunity to become part of the journey. Thank you for trusting Filipino people like us to become part of your success. God Bless!

Jiny Ranido

United Hospitality Institute is an organization that nourishes different individual skills, talents and personality. United Hospitality Institute is a commendable organization, it is very congenial, first-class and reputable institute that you can learn a lot. I don’t have nothing else to say but you should really try to be part of United Hospitality Institute, you will regret NOTHING once you’ve been part of it. Aside from the learning and skills you will gain, you will also have another FAMILY. So what are you waiting for, don’t waste any moment and be part of United Hospitality Industry any time soon! Thank you and God Bless.

Glen Arthur Roxas

In March 2018, I finished the Bartending Level 1 at United Hospitality Institute, and it was a great experience! I never had such a great time while learning new things about hospitality industry. I have to say that I had past experience in this field, but never imagined that it could be so interactive! I liked the environment and the trainer who was a very positive person with lots of information to share. Another good thing are the materials and the uniforms we received with UHI logo printed on them. It’s a nice feeling to be a part of something so innovative. I miss the training days a lot! Looking forward to level 2 UHI bartending course!

Alin Hasiuc

I wanted so bad to learn this field of hospitality. It’s one of the growing services that needs more and more people in! I always enjoyed working and interacting with people. When I first heard about the UHI, I was a bit skeptical. But the trainer, helped me a lot and told us that if you have passion, you can do anything in life. And he is right about it! Every day we’ve been training in a hotel, we managed to see and experience real life situations. World, prepare! I’m ready to pursue my dream in becoming a renowned mixologist!

Andreea David

I followed the United Hospitality Institute bartending course in Constanta. I had almost zero experience behind the bar and within 75 hours I learned a lot of information that I never imagined a bartender must know. The course material was in a sensible sequence and it was easy for me to follow as well as the 50 hours of practical session which were enjoyable. The trainer was well prepared and acquainted about the hospitality industry, especially on the bar & wine segment.

George Rusnac