News 2018

Partnership With New Clients

24 August 2018

United Hospitality Institute Ltd is pursuing its growth through new pioneering services in exclusive collaboration with
well-known clients of the hospitality industry.

In today’s competitive world of hospitality, excellent customer service and customer care are essential. Where the international
hospitality industry faces human resource and training challenges, UHI decided to step in.

The UHI team has decided to adopt a proactive approach to customer care by providing the owners of cruise ships, of hotels
and of any other leisure establishments, the ability to offer an impeccable tailored service to their customers through UHI’s
qualified and well-trained staff.

We are pleased to announce that UHI has recently signed collaboration agreements with ‘Lanitis Entertainment’’ and ‘’River
Advice Ltd’’ to assist them with hospitality recruitment from abroad, via our pool of UHI qualified candidates. UHI will carry
out the marketing campaign, arrange interviews, select candidates and then later provide full training.