News 2019

Barista and Whisky trainings

28 November 2019

A Barista seminar was held by UHI on the 28th November, 2019 at Vassos Eliades establishments in Nicosia Cyprus and led
by a coffee expert Mr Valentinos Psaras and Mr Argyris Kontos, UHI’s Training Manager.

Opening with the history of coffee, understanding the different types of coffee, overviewing the grinding process and the
usage of the Espresso Machine as well as learning the art of milk foaming are only few of the areas that attendees had the opportunity
to enjoy.

Meanwhile, UHI and Othon Ghalanos Group organized a Loch Lomond Whisky presentation and tasting, held on 06 December
2019, at 7 Seas Bar in Columbia Venue Center in Limassol.
Mr. David Lind, Regional Director Europe of Loch Lomond Group, a whisky renowned expert, presented to our exclusive clients
the history of the Loch Lomond Whiskies and the production methods, followed by a sensational Whisky tasting experience.

Stay tuned till the next one!