In-house Training Programs

Why should you schedule in-house training for your staff?

In-house training develops skills that increase your team’s productivity and the quality of their work product.

Well-trained staff are more engaged, with higher morale and initiative, which helps you retain your people.

Timely training is imperative if you are going to mitigate risk in the face of everchanging legislative and hospitality challenges.

What are the advantages of choosing the in-house training option? Save money and time: If six or more people need training on the same topic, you can save 20-40% over public seminar costs by bringing a UHI seminar in-house. Since your seminar is held at your convenience and at the location of your choice, your employees save travel and other costs and do not waste valuable time away from work.

Get focused content: Choose an existing course from the UHI catalog; combine modules for a tailored approach; or let us custom-design your course. Your training can target the most current trends and technologies affecting your organization and industry. Confidentiality is guaranteed, so you can tackle department hot buttons in private.

In-House Course Roster: Here is a look at the current selection of courses that are available in-house.

Engage your team members: In-house participants can experience workshops, case studies, live demonstrations, role-play, and hands-on exercises to address real-world practices. Everyone hears the same message and learns the same methods. In an in-house setting, team members also gain a greater understanding of the role each person plays in the organization

Learn from the best: All UHI instructors are expert professionals who are your subject-matter consultants while they are at your location.

Choose from a variety of different hospitality programs:
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Based on your group’s particular need, we will adjust our focus to accommodate you. To review course outlines, click on the link above. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us for tailor-made training courses development.