Delivering Trainings to Exclusive Clients | Welcoming UHI’s Graphic Designer.

Delivering Trainings to Exclusive Clients | Welcoming UHI’s Graphic Designer.

24UHI’s marketing campaign launched for Lanitis Entertainment Ltd, has come to an end with encouraging results. We’ve currently fulfilled the employer’s needs & expectations by delivering to their organization a pleasing number of Bartenders & Waiters.

Selected trainees have successfully completed our Fundamentals of Food and Beverages Services Training under the supervision of our training manager, Mr. Argyris Kontos and straight after have joined the team of Carob Mill Restaurants, here in Limassol.

UHI’s additional marketing campaign launched for River Catering Ltd, is also coming to an end and as of next week 29th October, 2018 the hospitality training will be taking place for eleven consecutive days at our Training Center in Constanta.

As soon as the trainees will successfully pass their Training course, River Advice will find a ship assignment for each and every one of them on one of their River ships. First contract length is going to be approx. 4 – 6 weeks, depending on their assigned ship sailing schedule.

In terms of UHI’s internal staff development, due to increased volume of UHI’s business, we’ve employed Ms Marilena Aristotelous, as our new Graphic Designer, to be in charge for UHI’s Social Media designs as well as support with the Social Media marketing management. We welcome Marilena to the UHI team !

Lanitis Entertainment – F&B Trainees
Avalon Luminary-River Advise River Ship
Marilena Aristotelous | Graphic Designer