Successful Completion of Housekeeping Training in Constanta for Saudi Arabia Project

Successful Completion of Housekeeping Training in Constanta for Saudi Arabia Project

The first training class of UHI Housekeeping has been successfully completed on 07th of December at UHI-Constanta, Romania.

All ten graduates have been placed for a minimum 12-month job contract as housemaids at an exclusive client in Saudi Arabia, with a starting monthly net salary of €2,500. A full €1,630 value training scholarship has been offered to all trainees by the employer, prior to starting their job.

UHI wishes you all the best guys!

We are looking forward to welcoming the second training class of UHI Housekeeping for the same employer at UHI-Constanta, Romania!

Housekeeping Training in Process
Successful Completion of Housekeeping Training in Constanta

River Catering First Restaurant Service Graduates

UHI’s Hospitality Training on Restaurant Service Level 1 on behalf of our client River Catering Ltd, has been successfully completed on 09th November on behalf of our client River Catering Ltd, which took place at our Training Center in Romania. River Catering is now in the process of assigning each one of UHI’s graduates at one of their River ships for the Winter Season.

UHI Trainees attending River Catering Training

Partnership with Luxury Hospitality Management LHM

UHI in view of its new business model ‘Job Placement Through Training’, is currently working on a new project, where in partnership with ‘Luxury Hospitality Management BV’, the leading industry experts in the field of 7* Hospitality Training Service, they’re opening the doors to a world of 7 Star Service in the Luxury Hospitality industry.

The doors have opened for housekeeping positions as well as Laundry Assistants in a large private estate in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and through our committed and dedicated Hospitality Training, the candidates can realise their true potential and make a lasting career that can be proud of.

UHI is presently conducting online interviews to potential candidates, in collaboration with LHM on behalf of the client in conjunction with our CSM Offices in Constanta and Odessa, for selecting and providing training to the very promising candidates.

Housekeeping training for all successful candidates will be five consecutive days and it will take place at our Training Center in UHI-Constanta, Romania.

Representatives from Luxury Hospitality Management with UHI’s Training Manager

Delivering Trainings to Exclusive Clients | Welcoming UHI’s Graphic Designer.

24UHI’s marketing campaign launched for Lanitis Entertainment Ltd, has come to an end with encouraging results. We’ve currently fulfilled the employer’s needs & expectations by delivering to their organization a pleasing number of Bartenders & Waiters.

Selected trainees have successfully completed our Fundamentals of Food and Beverages Services Training under the supervision of our training manager, Mr. Argyris Kontos and straight after have joined the team of Carob Mill Restaurants, here in Limassol.

UHI’s additional marketing campaign launched for River Catering Ltd, is also coming to an end and as of next week 29th October, 2018 the hospitality training will be taking place for eleven consecutive days at our Training Center in Constanta.

As soon as the trainees will successfully pass their Training course, River Advice will find a ship assignment for each and every one of them on one of their River ships. First contract length is going to be approx. 4 – 6 weeks, depending on their assigned ship sailing schedule.

In terms of UHI’s internal staff development, due to increased volume of UHI’s business, we’ve employed Ms Marilena Aristotelous, as our new Graphic Designer, to be in charge for UHI’s Social Media designs as well as support with the Social Media marketing management. We welcome Marilena to the UHI team !

Lanitis Entertainment – F&B Trainees
Avalon Luminary-River Advise River Ship
Marilena Aristotelous | Graphic Designer

Marketing Campaigns for Lanitis Entertainment Ltd and River Advice / River Catering Ltd

United Hospitality Institute Ltd is currently carrying out two social media marketing campaigns in parallel for our clients “Lanitis Entertainment Ltd’’ and ‘’River Advice /River Catering Ltd’’.

Both campaigns have been successfully launched by UHI Marketing team in close cooperation and  support of our CSM Offices, CSM Baltija and CSM Constanta Srl respectively.

The training for “Lanitis Entertainment Ltd’’ and ‘’River Advice /River Catering Ltd’’ candidates are scheduled for mid of October, 2018.

Training for Lanitis will take place in Cyprus, whilst for River Advice it will depend upon where the majority of the candidates will be from (either in Romania, Latvia or Poland). The exact numbers of candidates will be finalized after the campaigns.

River Advice have requested 10-16 Waiters/Steward Cabin Crew for their river passenger vessels, whereas Lanitis have requested 10 Cooks, 10 Waitress & 2 Bartenders for their restaurants. The duration of Training is planned to be 75hrs apart from the cookery which will be 182 hrs. A further update will follow in next month’s newsletter.

River Advice Restaurant Waitress
Carob Mill Restaurants-Karatello






A warm welcome to our new UHI members

As UHI team grows, we are pleased to announce two new members, our PR, Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr. Massimo Bazzo who joined UHI since 4th of July 2018, and our Training Manager Mr. Argyris Kontos who will join us from 1st of September 2018.

Mr. Massimo Bazzo, is a professional with wide background in the marketing field, strong and international experience in office management, marketing, and sales direction, planning, analysis, training a team and business development, both online and offline, and in business communication. Mr. Massimo Bazzo is taking over the PR, Sales and Marketing activities in all countries, in which UHI operates (Cyprus, Romania, Poland, Latvia). In liaison with our Sales Representatives in each country, we will create a successful marketing platform in order to satisfy every potential customer needs.

Mr. Argyris Kontos has been involved in the Hotel & Catering Industry since 1987. Working in 5 stars hotel in one of the most crucial positions in the hospitality field, as a Food and Beverage Manager, Mr. Kontos gained the necessary practical and theoretical skills from junior employee to senior management. Mr Argyris will take over the training department of UHI. He will coordinate and facilitate our training programs to meet and exceed all UHI’s standards.

A warm welcome to both gentlemen!!!

Argyris Kontos | Training Manager
Massimo Bazzo | PR, Sales and Marketing Manager

Launching UHI’s official website

The UHI’s official website is already up and running!
The site we’re launching represents a new dynamic towards UHI’s further development.Potential
customers can now easily access our new website, to discover what UHI has to offer, find diverse
information/topics within our niche and view any upcoming news or events.Our new website aims to
leave a great first impression and satisfy the needs and desires of its visitors seeking for vocational
The site is still in process as we’ll continuously making considerable improvements over the coming
months, adding more content and features as we go.

Introducing UHI to High Schools in Constanta

Special thanks to our Trainers in Constanta who are working hard to raise UHI’s profile and introduce
their overall concept. They have recently visited 3 well-known local High School’s in Constanta to
promote UHI by giving presentations to introduce themselves:
1) Liceul Tehnologic Virgil Madgearu
2) Colegiul Comercial Carol I
3) Colegiul Economic Mangalia
The 18-year-old students who are in their final year of high school showed great interest, and the UHI
Trainers received encouraging feedback. Another three UHI promotional visits are planned to local high
schools – through such visits we can introduce youngsters to UHI as an exciting career choice

Collaboration with new Training Center

With the support of CSM Riga, UHI has recently entered into a collaboration agreement with ‘Karavella
Plus’ Ltd (Ibis Styles Riga Hotel) in Latvia for opening our 6th new Training Center in Riga. Our UHI-Riga
will be providing training to youngsters from all Baltic Countries (Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania).
The second group of trainees at UHI-Constanta, in Romania have already completed the Bartending and
Restaurant courses.

Announcement of UHI’s new training programs

Our UHI team is pleased to announce that the first training sessions in Bartending, Restaurant Service
and Housekeeping Service have been held in Constanta and Manila. Simultaneously, the first in-house
training took place onboard a Monaco-based yacht and has been successfully completed. UHI sent two
of their Trainers (from Romania and Ukraine respectively) to Monaco to carry out the training o/b the
In Cyprus, UHI is collaborating with the HR management of the Columbia Restaurants group. The first
three UHI Training programmes in ‘Supervisory Customer Care and Handling of Complaints’ have been
successfully delivered by UHI’s Director Theodoros Antoniou. Furthermore, a close cooperation
agreement between Columbia Restaurants and UHI will enable the process to start arranging job
placements for all successful UHI graduates at Columbia’s catering establishments.
On 9th March an opening ceremony and press conference took place in Constanta. UHI was represented
by our CSM Constanta associates. Mr. Antoniou is currently working in close cooperation with CSM Riga,
Latvia for finalising an agreement for the opening of our next Training Center, in Latvia.